Design and Build Services

General Project Experience

TRI is founded on the principle to provide an unyielding level of high quality products and service to insure maximum customer satisfaction.


The principle services offered but not limited to are:

  • Product Planning and Development
    • Design Concept Studies
    • Prototype Development Studies
  • System Design
    • Mechanical Design
    • Electro-Mechanical Design and Packaging
    • Facility Design/Layout
    • Computerized Documentation
  • Consulting Services
    • System Evaluation Studies
    • Program Management
    • Installation Specification
    • Hardware Procurement Specification
    • Market Development Studies
    • Manufacturing Suppon

TRI provides services and products in the following business areas:

Engineering Services

TRI offers a full range of engineering services such as electrical and mechanical design, system development and implementation, land surveying services, material handling and total project management. The corporation provides engineering support in product development and facility planning.

Construction Services

TRI provides construction and implementation services in support for transmission system installation, equipment rack and sound system installation.

Management Consulting

TRI provides total project management for construction, system planning, facility planning and complete system engineering.

Electrical & Electronic Equipment Supplies & Services

TRI offers to provide communication equipment in support of its system design and implementation projects.


TRI provides engineering services in support of telecommunication system design, analysis and implementation.

Computer & Data Process & Supplies

TRI provides hardware support in the implementation of selected computer systems. TRI is also a resource for limited databases of communication system implementation and management.

Education Services

TRI offers a complete series of computer oriented skills training courses.