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TR INDUSTRIES, INC. (TRI) is a global business enterprise that provides system engineering design, implementation services and a range of products to government agencies, municipal and regional public services, utilities, and the private business sector. The corporation was founded in 1991 by Thomas E. Ross, a registered Professional Engineer, to provide a source of high quality engineering services and promote minority entrepreneurial ownership of a high technology business enterprise.

TRI is headquartered in Richardson, Texas and has a combined workforce with over one hundred and fifty (150) years of professional engineering and managerial experience on various projects throughout the world. TRI's staff has experience in system design, facility and product planning, system development and implementation, project management and documentation preparation skills.


It is TRI's mission to provide state-of-the-art engineering services, quality products, and a timely response at an affordable cost to all clients without the expense of a permanent staff.


It is TRI's professional commitment in performing these services, to provide technical ingenuity, a high quality of workmanship, a timely response with cost-effective controls for maximum customer satisfaction. It is also TRI's commitment to maintain open lines of communication with our customers to insure that each project is completed in a most efficient manner.


Tom Ross founded TR Industries, Inc. in 1991, serving as the original principal stockholder and Chief Executive Officer. He was responsible for the development and direction of the corporation.

Mr. Ross was a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, bringing to every project over twenty seven years of "hands-on" experience in system design and project management, including industrial product design and the implementation of telecommunication systems.

Prior to establishing TR Industries, Inc., Mr. Ross was Director of Program Management for Comsearch, a worldwide supplier of frequency engineering services. Mr. Ross was responsible for program management of all major accounts. Mr. Ross provided program management responsibility for the system design of a large Common-Carrier digital microwave Network connecting Chicago-Seattle-Denver-Ft Worth utilizing the Burlington Northern Railroad System right-of-way. He was also program manager for numerous long range planning studies utilizing various telecommunication applications such as point-to-point radio, satellite and SCADA.

Tom worked for other companies including Rockwell International, Martin Marietta, Recognition Equipment, The Boeing Company and The Mead Corporation. He held positions of management responsibility for such programs such as the system design and installation of a large telecommunication project in Saudi Arabia as well as the design and installation of various telecommunication message switching centers throughout the United States and Canada. Mr. Ross designed such industrial equipments as a document handler for an automatic mail processing centers and a automatic door closure system for an Optical Character Recognition System. Mr. Ross was also an integral member of the Collins C-System Computer system design team where he was responsible for facility planning.